After almost a week now I've updated my page, I wanted to pass on the knowledge acquired while other bloggers. What you should not make, and what they can do everything. 😀

Here, once a listing in alphabetical order, more details and tips on the list:








Should you ever install a new theme and WordPress Update…makes one after the other. I'm on WordPress 2.3 updated and have a 3 Theme columns such switched with widgets. Not a good idea, since widgets are a world apart. They can not modify or change code. For me not useful.

Once the theme:

von illacrimo Design Disease – is a 3 Column layout, which was immediately. Changes in order to sidebar menu changes are made quickly, only the adaptation or. Translation into German takes some time. The “Submit my comment” Button must create one yourself, it was already.

Meanwhile, I use a theme names i3Theme – has also 3 Columns / Split. Is just super bright and clear. Has many beautiful images and CSS options.

I also have my Radio involved. Is not a real plugin, but is tinkering via html. Since radios at each reload / Paging must stop and reload, I've swapped in a pop-up, that starts when you click on the radio image. I think the best solution.

For plugins:

Since this plugin for WordPress is automatically included, I spare you with an explanation. Anti-Spam Tool.

Cute MP3 Player – what else.

A nice tool for users of Google Adsense / Zanox User. Thanks ALinks can automatically link keywords to miss one. So when I “Zanox” write, sets with the plugin simply one of my stored link.

Class plugin for the Adsense code from google easy to place on his blog and in the admin share, times when you want to put something else. Thanks so variables can also put ads in the posts. No longer with WordPress 2.5 Compatible. I'm sure Who sees Ads installed. More below.

The plugin displays the title of the blog posts from a year ago (or more or less, depending on the setting) an. Is nice if you see what you wrote a year ago / erlebt hat 🙂

Siehe Askimet 😉

Great plugin, Thanks to the usual one which GALLERY (the command in square brackets) XML makes it capable or. Lightbox can attach. Folder, the rights 755 have! Attention.

Thanks to escape html code car you can post commands in pure form directly in the blog, without the blog from the html html also makes.

Beautiful and easily installable Counter. Counts in “Tellerand” the daily visits and linked from there for the long-term statistics. From time to empty….otherwise you have a few MB of data together quickly. On 27.01.08 updated by Counterize on Counterize II.

Anti-Spam Tool, which each comment before submitting it is a little math problem and releases only correct solution for the comment. Plugin is simply pulled into the Plugins folder and is well. (dt. Then the language file “Folder de” move into the main folder) Were problems with Firefox.

With the help of the plugins you mentioned appear Gravatars. A Gravatar is a little picture, that you select in advance even Gravatars.com / is assigned and must upload their own email address. Leaves you with a posting stating this email address, seems little picture.

Converts MP3 into a small flash MP3 player for. Just search “The one with the red collar” look in my blog, because he is actively. Replaced by the audio player

The tool displays one of, how many users their own RSS Feed have subscribed.

MP3 Player, with which to play MP3's can be directly in the blog.

Follow und no follow. WordPress blocks of house for the purpose of google links, which are posted in comments. This should not be listed on google Spamer. But anyone who uses the above-spam tools, can follow to make active. Unfortunately, there are some people who manually submit comments and to put a link to your site. Must not be, because the poster is already on his website and posting a link specification. So first have nofollow enabled again.

Blendt the last comments at any point one. zB. sidebar etc. finde ich klasse, just as the personality of a blog make comments.

Creates a XML sitemap on blog, which can then be passed to google via google webmaster tools. Google füttern ist immer gut 😀

Thanks to this plugin CSS to external links, So the lead away from the side arrows added. You can choose between many different colors and Variants. In Wikipedia, Excel, Word links, etc.. You can also display different images. The plugin for the arrow on the link, so to speak.

Flash player with which you can embed Flash file in the blog. Rarely need.

New spam protection in the form of a math problem. But better than that “did you pass Math”. It also works with Firefox and stores the entered comment, otherwise away from the incorrect entry was. Also kicked out first. Were problems with Firefox and my template.

Thanks to this small, but nice plugin links are attached to small picture, whereby the user can easily recognize, where the link leads. External Links, PDF´s, Excel document and links to Wikipedia, there are several, arbitrary images.

Useless gadget for men. One sees this already during input. Total sinnfrei, aber ich finds toll 🙂

Probably one of the largest and best plugins. Where do I start? The plugin allows, with relatively little effort to add a folder of images into a WordPress, To create thumbnails and comments to deposit this. Furthermore, you can in the Sidebar with its

<?php if (function_exists('myrandompic')) myrandompic(2); ?></div>

Random visualize code, and paste the pictures in his posts. Mygallery supported LightboxJs – everything is dark and the photo on popt. If you click on the edge of the photo it goes in the menu. Great thing!

Important for SEO enthusiasts, permanent set and use the links there umlauts. The accents are in the URL then renamed ae oe and ue.

Datenbankoptimierung. Deletes superfluous lines. For larger DB's from time to meaningful.

Who lake Ads is a great Adsense / Plugins Zanox. Thanks to the plugin can be any number of variables for banners / Create promotional codes. zB. Code A, Code B, Code C. This code will be deposited at the desired locations in the blog. zB. in the sidebar, in the single page (single.php) or just the side in the post.

Unless otherwise specifically. Once your campaign / Wants to change display, you have to upload in the admin area for a code, only the new campaign and not fumble around in PHP – yes there are codes already stored in the variables.

Thanks to the plugin can define it but, who will see an advertisement. All users, only search users? And how long to apply the commercial break? 30 Roofs? 100 Roofs? Always?

My newest toy. A chat or. Shutout Box. AJAX works on base and you have to change anything in the database. The only problem was with me the umlauts. You see when you enter yet ä ö ü and ß. After the reload, but only random characters. Hangs together so, that my blog on ISO-8859-1 instead went to UTF-8. Migrate the data in UTF-8 format in the memory. As soon as you retrieve it from there, the blog will represent it in ISO-8859-1. If we would have to read German, a Chinese.

Therefore have all converted to UTF-8. So MySQLDumper secured database, The TXT files saved in UTF-8, then the UTF-8 Database Converter run over it again and everything reingeladen. After that UTF-8 set WordPress…and despite CHARSET UTF-8 has shown he still garbage. Hangs together so, that somewhere in your code probably is not an ISO format. Then have it here in the wp-config.php inserted:

define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’);
define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”);

Since then, the work or umlaut. Sonderzeichen wieder 🙂

Font color and background of the box, you can then easily modify the settings. (Manage => LiveShoutbox)

A contact form for WordPress. Has adapted to my great theme and also supports German umlauts or. sent German umlauts. Important!

  • Radio via html

See above. Selbst gebastelt 😉

Stores the queries, through which visitors come to the site and the blog are the search terms on request also in the blog in a list. Interesting and entertaining!

Says it all. One can extend thanks to the plugin's own page so the search or. move, that really the WHOLE page will be searched. Including comments, Tags, Categories etc. Especially for the comments I found the search reasonable extension!

A small but nice plugin, which one in comments a Smilie List / can generate line. To this end, I then installed some new smilies, read more here.

Plugin important to get regular readers. The author of a contribution, in forums such as these can be common on “Watch” set or. Subscribe to. Once someone else what to write, gibt es eine E-Mail und die Diskussion kann losgehen 🙂

Social Bookmarking. Sounds great, It is also. As the trend to more and more mobile or Internet. more than 1 PC's, they started, to save their bookmarks online. Bookmark the site can manage far more than just bookmarks. Man shares his favorites. A person saves a link and will provide them with so-called “Tags” – Keywords. Person B can only search for those keywords. When many people because the word on one and the same link or refer. have saved, This probably has to be good. So we share his social bookmarking links =. 🙂

Standard. Sets of Summer- in winter time to. Everyone should have.

TTF Titles. Thanks to the plugin, it is possible the headlines / Title in the blog to make different…and with special fonts, otherwise it is only in Word. The plugin creates images, which will replace the headings.

See above. Power of Latin and Swedish SQL tables UTF-8 format.

WWSDG – Germany has nothing to do with Idol. WWSDG is an advertising plug for your own feed. New visitors get displayed directly in a post box, what the visitor is drawn to the Feed.

Also a very fine plugin. Thanks to the video plugin you can all videos from YouTube, Clipfish, myvideo.de etc.. integrate. In some cases beyond the size of the videos (Height Width, nicht MB 😉 ) the layout. In this case, simply adjust the width of each plug-in codes. For example, I. width=400.

With this plugin your visitors can also just wrote a comment in retrospect still edit. The comment is due to Ajax “open” held and will remain so for some time editable. The time can be set as an admin before, Info text etc.. Admin and customizable via CSS to the relevant blog and Language.

Tool Class. Cached pages viewed on the server, so that the database will not be charged constantly and zipping them in parallel via Gzip. Thus, the next visitor already visited pages displayed within seconds receives.

Tag cloud in 3D. Is fully shown in 3D as a rotating cloud.

Contact. You must only create a page, leave behind the contact form and command that was already there. Thus fans and groupies can get in contact with a.

Next favorite toy. A Weather. After WeatherIcon not want as I want (The plugin requires an airport for the weather data in near), I've switched to wp-forecast. Although there are a small airport, which was not with WeatherIcon. Advantage of wp-forecast: dt. Programmierer, dt. Language file and simply not necessary in order to receive airport weather data. One only needs to revise the language file and unfortunately via “Find and Replace” ä ö ü produce again. The site has done a little bit too slow and every few weeks had a big mistake: Once a connection to the server could not be established weather, He has shot the entire page. Geht ja mal gar nicht 😉

This navigation plugin was already in my theme here partially. I just had to download the plugin itself and install the theme this line index:

<div class="Nav"><?php if(function_exists('wp_pagenavi')) { wp_pagenavi(); } ?></div> Danach noch das Plugin auf Deutsch übersetzen (Pages in Seiten usw.) und gut ist. Sieht super aus finde ich :) (die Zahlen bzw. Menüleiste auf der ersten Seite)

PicLens is a kind of 3D view for images. The tool makes all the images from one side of a 3D gallery in Firefox, if one has installed the addon PicLens. Otherwise it makes a slideshow. Einfach mal auf die PicLens Links in meinen Bildergallerien klicken 🙂 (or above. below the Thumsnails)

SEO. Search Engine Optimation. Prepare for your blog on google. Advisable, if you want to be found in the currently popular search engine also :mrgreen:

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    Julia Stern Says:

    Wow, many thanks for all the work, Although I already knew most of the plugins (and which of them had partially installed) but still unknown to me were there plugins.


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    Hisky Says:

    Some are important, einige Spielerei 🙂

    But none of them wants to miss…macht den Blog gleich viel blogenswerter 😉

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    hoohead Says:

    Bei so vielen Plugins muss ich mir das mal etwas genauer anschauen, aber nicht mehr heute *g

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